General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

ARCHIVES April 14, 2014 Topic: World History (Industrial Revolution) Question Discuss the effects of the industrial economy on Western European peasant women and working-class women from 1830-1914. Reference Click Here   Topic: Science and Technology Question “Indigenous development of navigational system is essential for India’s security system”. In the light of the statement, discuss the recent …

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Administration and politics in different countries Question  “No science of public administration is possible unless.. there is a body of comparative studies from which it may be possible to discover principles and generalities that transcend national boundaries and peculiar historical experiences.” Discuss [CSM 2005/200 Words] Next Topic Current status of Comparative Public Administration

PSYCHOLOGY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Application of psychology in other field: Military Psychology Question Discuss different types of Stress faced by Military People?  (200 words) Next Topic Application of psychology in other field :Military Psychology

POLITICAL SCIENCE – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Paper 2 – Indian government and politics – Planning and Economic Development Question  Explain the following:  (300 words) a. Gandhian perspective of development b. Nehruvian perspective of development Next Topic Paper 2- Indian government and politics – Planning and Economic Development


Topic: The biological basis of life (PAPER-I) Question  write short notes on  (100 words each)                   (a) structural abberations                   (b) numerical abberations  Next Topic The biological basis of life (PAPER-I)