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MOTIVATION : Money doesn’t excite me


Money doesn’t excite me ,my ideas excite me

~ Walt Disney

The choice of taking up the civil services is a very interesting one and a very inspired one as well. When I announce my decision to people around me, they were quite excited, the prospect of power, having great contacts, being able to make the change were something that they were very happen about. Maybe even me too. But the question kept lingering- WHY CIVIL SERVICES? Why not something else? There are so many options out there in this world, so many good options which also do offer a lot of money and other comforts.

But that probably didn’t answer the question why very well. What if you ask yourself the question why? I am not sidelining the above answers, they are very much prevalent. Why actually is this goal of yours? To do something out of the norm, something out of the ordinary, the challenge, the struggle and the perseverance. Why? Maybe it is the ideas? The ideas which are different to each one of us here. But maybe at that one part, each one of us says, lets make that one change, one difference, one value addition, one service and one sense of accomplishment. The ideas which mean so much more. The ideas which travel wide, the ideas which motivate us and the ideas which make us who and what we are. Its always the ideas!

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