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MOTIVATION : Success in Life


There is only one success in life, to be able to spend your life in your own way

– Christopher Morley

Success has always been a very subjective term. Some people rate getting a job in an IT industry as one of the biggest achievements in life, for some it is a painting like the MonaLisa and for some it is being at the helm of affairs. I guess it goes without a saying for what it is to us here. The one dream that unites us all. Along the course there will be a lot of times you will be questioned – by friends, relatives, parents and sometimes by yourselves as well about a lot of things in this exam and about the bigger picture as well.

In such moments, may I suggest a redirection to the quote above? There is one thing we are all looking at, at a life which we have defined ourselves for, a life of what we define as a goal. I sometimes feel that I am exhausted trying to explain myself to the people around, sometimes I feel like saying it doesn’t matter what you guys think, I know what I am after and I am going to be after that! Your ideas and thoughts may or may not matter to me and it is ultimately my choice. And then sometimes I realize – Do the answers always have to be vocal? We know what we are after, we have answered the one person who really needs to know, does the rest really matter?

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