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MOTIVATION : Best in Life


It’s a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it

– W.Somerset Maugham

I have been an eternal fan of this quote, something that have always kept me going even in the worst times. Failures or set backs as such are a very daunting affair and sometimes they do leave us clueless as well. But I guess what we are all after here is nothing short of THE BEST. We are looking at a few posts of leadership in the country where we can make a lot of difference, give birth to new ideas and action to some existing ones and make changes in various dimensions.

We have all heard of those people who have made it to the top rank list in their last attempts or repeat trials. I have often questioned myself – what kept them going? What made them give their all even after a few repeated blows. Perhaps the answer was the one above. Probably they never gave up, they didn’t want anything short of the best and probably that explains why they are where they are. Refusing to accept anything but THE BEST!