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The only way to discover limits is to go beyond them to the impossible

– Arthur.C.Clarke

The UPSC journey has always been amongst the most fascinating ones. Simply cos there are so many things to do, so much to learn and master. Of course there will be so many strenghts we come in with for the system, some are vividly articulate, some with extraordinary math skills, some decision making and some answer writing. The beauty of the exam is in how well all these attributes blend together.

Often there are certain qualities of those which we deem our weaknesses or short comings or not having enough expertise in. The process is such that it will introduce us to these areas, make us feel a little low about ourselves. But that’s ok, we are aware of the game and we know what it takes to get us there and we are in no way shying away from learning those new skills and gaining expertise in them one by one. The process has atleast introduced to us some of the perceived limitations and the charm now is to be going beyond them and making it happen 🙂