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MOTIVATION: Faults and Remedies


Don’t find fault, find remedy

– Henry Ford

I certainly stipulate to the understanding that it is one hell of an examination. One of the toughest I can certainly point out or talk about. For an examination so wide in its scale, it makes me think, there are a lot of ways something can go wrong. It is just a small strand of thought of course. Sometimes, the reasons can be as large as undermining the preparation needed to reach there and as simple as missing a button on the shirt. Nevertheless sometimes there are a lot of things which are in control and some of which might not.

This probably hit me more when the interview listing was announced and I couldn’t find my number there and got me thinking – where could have it gone wrong? And I kept coming with answers, I blamed the system which is perhaps the easiest thing to do, the examiners, the board for interview and a host of other things as well. But something that stopped me back and made me refrain from going down that road was the above quote, it is sometimes soothing to find faults, especially about the externalities but that perhaps was not going to solve my problem, it was still an imminent one. That rarely did solve what I wanted to achieve or what I wanted to go after, that goal still stood at where it was and I realize perhaps, maybe this was consuming my time a little more than it needed. No matter what the reasons were, I think what we all are after here is something else, I guess no matter how hard it gets, it does bring the character and pride to keep bringing it on 🙂

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