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MOTIVATION: Understanding your situation


Not everyone will understand your journey, that’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of, It’s yours!

Have you been in a place where you have said, ‘Damn! Why don’t people understand me?’ , especially when you are dealing with one of the toughest exams in the country with competition at its best, with a wide range of people competing to the best posts in the sector. It seems a fairly simple thing for a person looking from the outside, there are 3 sets of exams – prelims, mains and interviews, you clear them, get a job and that’s it – SIMPLE isn’t it?

What most people miss out on is to appreciate the amount of effort that goes on in the process, to know what it takes to get there and to develop those skills and make them yours, the amount of energy and emotions that are gained and lost in the process. It is sheer magic to say the least. Perhaps people don’t understand, perhaps they don’t want to. Coming to think of it, why should they? It is your goal, it is your dream, you know what you are doing. Isn’t it all that matters?