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Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events


02, March 2014

Answer ALL the following questions in about 200 Words.

1. Examine how reforms in agriculture can reduce food inflation in India?

Business Standard

2. “The ordinance-making power of the executive needs to be suitably restrained to create a balance of power between the executive and the legislature in India and to check the misuse of the same. ” Critically analyze.

The Hindu

The Hindu

3. Do you think health policies envisioned in the 12th five year plan is a move towards universal health care system? Critically examine.

The Hindu

4. What is a special leave petition? Do you agree with the view that if special leave petitions were entertained against all kinds of orders passed by any court or tribunal, the apex court would, after some time, collapse under its own weight? Comment.

The Hindu

5. “The Indian Penal Code, perhaps even more than education in the English medium, is Macaulay’s lasting gift.” Critically comment.

The Indian Express