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MOTIVATION- What Winning Means To Me

~Amrita Sabat


Winning is the springboard driving me to greater heights,
The only act that keeps me kicking and alive!
Winning provides the rich flow of feel-best hormones,
Alongwith glowing health, it propels me further towards stardom!

When I win, the feeling of fulfilment completes me,
The sweet fruit of my passionate efforts reinvigorate me!
It is to experience this ecstasy that I work ever harder,
Winning to me is panacea- both a healer and propeller!

My win happens due to my blood, sweat and toil,
Sacrifices, plans and preparations for a long time!
And of course sending out signals to the Universe,
And attracting towards myself its most positive vibes!

So that it can conspire in my favour,
So that it can write my victory chapter,
So that it can be one with my burning desire,
That it can make me win surpassing all barriers!

Winning makes living my life worthwhile and meaningful!
My every win brings pride to all my life’s beloved people!
Winning enthuses me to work more passionately and ever better,
It infuses me with renewed vigour to be a winner forever!

Winning means Life to me. Winning and the quest, preparation and
hunger for it defines my life. Winning means surpassing my own
milestones set previously and breaking my own records. In the process
if other people’s records are broken as well, then nothing like it!
The primary competition is with myself- to challenge myself, to better
myself every time.

Winning to me is the life-blood of my existence. It is the fuel for
the fire of my life. It is the oasis in the vast desert of my life. It
is the light in the deepest, darkest forest of my life. Winning to me
is not about small or big wins- winning is the very act itself- to
WIN. Every win is as noble, as huge, as splendid as indeed any other
win. No win should be belittled- be it a chocolate or the Cricket
World Cup. And if it’s a loss, then also a true winner takes it in the
right spirit.

One truly wins when one knows how to convert his/her losses to victory
in future. And one truly wins when one knows how to handle the success
graciously and remains grounded. Unless that happens, victory is
shallow, vain, futile and ethereal. Another illusion in the vast
Universe of life.


I feel that my life becomes truly useful for the entire world, when I
am on the eternal quest to win. Winning and its process bring out the
best in me. The precious worth of every moment of my life is realised
when I’m preparing with my heart and soul to win. I have always
experienced that such dedicated, single-minded preparation attracts
the positive powers of the Universe which then lets my dreams come


Being a winner does not mean never failing. Rather it means to be
resilient and humble- to be able to pick oneself up and again climb
those stairs of glory from rock-bottom. Our strength is tested from
time to time in life. It is really our prerogative to make lemonade
when life throws lemons at us!

Make winning or the quest for it, a Habit in life and you never ever
have to look back. You will surge ahead in the path of eternal fame,
success and adoration.