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GENERAL STUDIES – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude


Cases must be looked at and solved only from an ethical point of view even if there is a practical way out of the situation.

Case 3:

You are the Director of a reputed medical college. One of the most meritorious students of the College has come to you with a request for a small upwards revision in his score. He has got 89.99% in the final semester. But, it requires at least 90% or above in each semester to qualify for higher studies in all reputed Universities. He fulfils the criteria very well save the final semester.


Examine the ethical issues involved here. Would you revise his score to 90% realizing his career prospects and given his academic background? OR Would you work as per the rules of the college maintaining their sanctity and denying any upwards revision in the score irrespective of his merit and needs? Justify. (250 words)  – 20 marks.

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