SOCIOLOGY– Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1  Bring out Tonnies’ differentiation between ‘Community’ (Gemeinschaft) and ‘society’ (Gesselschaft) and show how this paved the path for Cooley to develop his theory of primary group.(200 words/IAS1965). Question 2 Write short note on- The share-croppers’ movement in India. (200 words/IAS1991).


Question 1 “The present global health crisis is not primarily one of disease, but of Governance”. Comment. (300 words) Question 2 “The lithium- ion batteries are having high potential but recent findings have defamed its viability”. Highlight the controversy associated with it and suggest measures to overcome the same. (200 words)

ECONOMICS – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic : Indian Economy post-liberalisation:  Intellectual property rights Question  “Attempts to ensure Intellectual property protection has resulted in the failure of knowledge spillovers from industrialised countries to developing countries like India”. Comment. (200 words) Next Topic: Indian Economy post-liberalisation:  Intellectual property rights  

GENERAL STUDIES – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Growth; Development; Employment; Inclusive growth and issues associated with it; and Government Budgeting Question 1 Why have some of our South Asian neighbours, despite similar levels of political development and even lower levels of per capita income, outperformed us in almost every social indicator? (200 words) Question 2 Critically examine the major components of Fiscal Deficit …

Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events

Weekly Current Events (AIR) Money Talk (AIR) ARCHIVES 14, February 2014 1. “The ultimate aim of any anti-corruption mechanism is to contribute towards improvement of the processes of governance and delivery of services. This can happen only when we encourage bold and innovative decision-making.” Comment. (200 Words) The Hindu 2. Analyze the new technological …