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MOTIVATION: Be Friends With Your Critics

~Zenia Kaur

It is no less than a blessing, when you know you have people behind your back, your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, well-wishers who believe in your dreams, in you, in your ability to achieve them. While criticism is other side of the coin, one shouldn’t feel let down if somebody discourages you. The challenge is not to ignore what the person says but to identify the rationale behind their actions & who is saying? While some in general are negative personalities, who are mean, jealous and are having fun by irking and upsetting you, there are people who have good intentions and mean well for you. If the person belongs to former category, then one shouldn’t waste their precious energy and time in defending yourself & your dreams. However if they belong to latter category, then criticism should be taken in good spirit and weaknesses must be assessed so as to continue moving in the right direction. Remember the age old Doha by Kabir ~ “Nindak niyare rakhiye aangan kuti chhawaye; Bin sabun pani bina nirmal karat subhaye.” which means ‘Keep your critiques close to you, let their hut be in your courtyard, that way you don’t need soap and water to cleanse your nature’.

Don’t get bogged down by what your well- wishers say to you, because in the end they are pointing out those weaknesses which once conquered will become the reason for your success. Keep your spirit & enthusiasm alive, as no great things are achieved with a negative mindset and half-hearted efforts.