Insights Daily Current Events, February 07, 2014

By- DEEPA M ARCHIVES February 07, 2014 NATIONAL Wage Board Justice G.R Majithia Wage Board’s recommendation on new pay structure for journalist and non-journalist Newspaper employees have been categorized broadly into 3 categories as working journalist, non-journalist newspaper employees- administrative staff and non-journalist newspaper employees-factor staff. Peons and drivers come under non-journalist newspaper employees-administrative staff …

SOCIOLOGY– Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1 What are micro-sociology and macro-sociology? How could the two be related?(200 words/ IAS ’74) Question 2 What is a “tribe”? Examine the view that the tribes in India are tribes in transition.(200 words/ IAS ’77)

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1  Critically evaluate Chris Argyris views on human personality and its impact on the working of organization.  [200 Words] Question 2 The theory of ‘organizational incompetence’ has two separate and distinct faces. Examine Chris Argyris’ view on this. [CSM 2013/150 Words] Next topic: Multiple thinker’s & latest trends of UPSC

POLITICAL SCIENCE – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Comment on the following in 200 words Question 1  Locke is regarded as the pioneer of individualism which later developed into liberalism.  (Source: Sabine’s History of political theory) Question 2 Equality of resources  (Source: Ronald Dworkin’s conception of equality)

HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Mauryan Empire Question 1 Bring out the elements of change and continuity in the domestic and foreign policies of Ashoka.  (200 words) Question 2 Do you think that the economic factors were alone responsible for the disintegration of the Mauryan Empire?  (200 words) Next topic: Mauryan Empire

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Settlement Question 1  Write short note : internal structure of an Indian city. (200 words/ CSm 1995) Question 2 Write short note: Function, classification and hierarchy of urban settlement. (200 words/ CSm 1990) Next Topic: Settlement

GENERAL STUDIES – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1 No system of federalism can be successful unless both the Union and the States have at their disposal adequate financial resources to enable them to discharge their respective responsibilities under the Constitution. In this context, discuss the various mechanisms by which the centre provides financial assistance to the States and other financial resources …

Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events

ARCHIVES 10, February 2014 1. What are the main hurdles India is facing when it comes to military modernization? Comment. (200 Words) Business Standard ( 2. “The Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 has established that indoor air pollution from cook stoves is a primary cause of disease and death in South Asia. ” Elaborate. (200 Words) …