GENERAL STUDIES – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1  What is non-plan expenditure? Highlight its importance in resource mobilization for planning. (200 Words) Question 2  Write a note on the role of savings and investment in financing the development in India. (200 Words) Question 3 “The rising current account deficit is a source of serious concern to the economy, and if left unchecked, …

Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events

ARCHIVES 30, January 2014 1. What are the technologies available for recycling or using the urban waste for productive purposes? Explain. (200 Words) The Hindu 2. Write a critical note on Ravindranath Tagore’s views on education. (200 Words) The Hindu 3. “India’s curriculum outpaces what pupils can realistically learn and achieve in the time given”. …

ECONOMICS – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1 Describe the terms Capability poverty and human poverty? Bring out the similarities and differences. What are their various forms in the Indian economy since independence? (250 words) Question 2 Bring out the distinction between Marshallian and Walrasian approaches to Price determination.(250 words)

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Population and settlement geography Question 1 Regional Shifts in the world characteristics of urban process. (200 words) Question 2 Bring out the contrast between the internal structure of the pre-industrial and industrial cities Next Topic: Regional Planning

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1 “Three features characterize Simon’s original view of bounded rationality : search for alternatives, satisfying, and aspiration adaptation.” Elucidate. [CSM 2012/200 Words] Question 2 ” Simon’s indentifying decision-making as the core field of public administration appears logically acceptable but his positivist underpinning is problematic.” Critically examine the statement. [CSM 2010/300 Words] Next Topic: Weber’s bureaucratic …