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MOTIVATION – Solutions in Crisis

                    Rishave Verma

               By grace I live. By grace I am released.


This one is an exceptional situation. A doctor, a lawyer and an engineer were lined to be executed by guillotine. “Do you wish to face the blade, or look away?” the henchman asked the doctor. “I’ll face the blade!” the doctor replied and placed his neck on the guillotine. The executioner released the blade, which fell to a point just inches above the doctor’s neck and stopped. The assembled crowd buzzed excitedly. “This is obviously a sign from god,” announced the king. “You are pardoned.” Joyfully the doctor went on his way. The lawyer next in line also chose to face the blade. Down it fell, and once more it stopped. Again the crown sighed and the king informed that divine intervention has obviously been issued, and he too was set free. Finally the turn of engineer came. He was weary of the probable outcome and so he decided to look away. As his head was being fitted to the crook of the guillotine, he looked up at the apparatus above him. The executioner was about to pull the cord when the engineer screamed “Wait a minute! I think I see the problem. The pulley system is faulty!!”

Out of fear, the engineer lost control of his impulses as well as his presence of mind. His response to the situation was highly uncontrolled and automatic. An even more significant message is that within all of us resides an overworking engineer. He is always more concerned with analyzing the problem, rather than accepting the solution. Sometimes situations in our lives may overwhelm us beyond our capacities. It’s better to accept a temporarily working solution, instead of getting stuck in contemplation of the problem itself.

Though it might be logical to check the viability of a solution, it’s not always necessary to doubt the authenticity of a bare minimum, especially in overwhelming circumstances.

Today’s Prayer:

 “In criticalities, help me go beyond my old ideas.”