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MOTIVATION – Keeping Faith

Rishave Verma

             The Art of life is, to have faith in our hands.


A king woke up his advisor late in the evening, and anxiously asked him “I couldn’t sleep because I began to fear that the world would fall into abyss.” The advisor comfortably replied “Not to worry, the earth is held up by a giant bear.”

“Thank you” answered the king, breathing a sigh of relief. Half an hour later, the king knocked again. “What is holding up the bear?” he enquired.

“A great turtle,” the advisor answered. “He will not let the bear fall.” The king responded, “That’s good.” The seer was not surprised when half an hour later, the king knocked again. The advisor opened the door and, just as the king was about to speak, he raised his hand and told the monarch, “It’s turtles all the way down!”

If we begin to question our faith, we can enter into an abysmal tail-spin of worry. Eventually, we come to the point where we either trust implicitly or doubt compulsively. If we do not trust our abilities, we will find more and more reasons to fear, and if we trust, we shall confirm our vision of safety. We can short-circuit the experiment by practicing trust in the universe at every level, knowing that for every turtle we question, there is one below it.


Today’s Prayer:

 “Help me have faith in things unseen.”