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MOTIVATION – How To Secure?

                                  Rishave Verma

                      Shift your sail with the wind.

                                                                        (Italian Proverb)

Jungle lore tells that monkeys learned how to evade capture by making use of ease rather than force. Hunters would put some nuts in a glass jar with a rim smaller than its base. A monkey of inferior intelligence would reach into the jar and grab the nuts, but because the hand with nuts in it was too large to fit through the rim, the animal would stand there struggling and the hunter would grab him. The smarter monkeys however, did not reach into the jar; they simple opened one palm and tilted the jar so the nuts fell into it.

If we are trying to clutch onto something, that that won’t fit into our life naturally, that’s when we get caught. For example take our answer writing spree here on Secure ‘14. Many of us, especially the beginners have apprehensions, the major one being it takes a hell lot of time to dig through the fodder sources and then frame a standard answer. The thing is, it is supposed to be that way. For 10 questions, even if we invest 15 minutes per question, it will take a good 150 minutes (2hrs 30 minutes) to just explore the matter. Now if we take half an hour in framing the answer and typing it back, it’ll add another 5 hours, the total now being 7hrs 30 minutes!!! Add to it 7 Hours of sleep and 4 hours to daily chores, total being 18 hours 30 minutes. Now we are left with 5 hours 30 minutes, in which we have to prepare NCERTs, General Studies, Newspaper editorials, Current events etc. etc. etc.

It looks so daunting and absolutely idiotic to invest so much time in the Secure initiative. But the eternal truth is it is neither daunting, nor idiotic!!! It’s just a simple matter of common sense and time management. And what’s the solution?

For beginners, the best and first way forward is to make a separate hard copy folder namely “SECURE 2014”. Now get a bundle of A4 size papers and categorize it in several, separate topic- wise bunches. (Topics in the Mains syllabus flowchart posted in the Important Articles link). Now every day, try to answer one or maximum three questions from Secure. This we can do in 3hrs with ease. Choose only those questions about which we have never heard or whose subject matter is least known to us. Try to diversify the choices among different areas like one question from SnT, one from Polity and one from IR. Or any other combo which suits us best.

Now what to do with the left questions? Arrange them according to their topics in the Secure folder. If the target is to complete the mains syllabus by May, then what are we going to do after May? Moreover we can keep referring back to the folder, even while mains preparations, and contemplate. Many questions from particular topic will be similar in context or reference. After prelims, since the static syllabus will be covered, apart from revision, we can keep answering questions or even exploring them, co-relating them with contemporary affairs and most importantly these questions will automatically act as Mind mappers.

One of the major advantages of this technique is we can focus more on our answer writing skills properly. And we can explore a topic even more deeply, instead of hap hazarding through internet sources for attempting all the answers. Working on one link and improving it is far more advisable, instead of working on several and improving none.

We should accept what shows up, and we will feel free. Take advantage of the tide of events, and life will support us in ways that we could not manipulate through anxious struggle. Build on what is, rather than what isn’t and we will be one with life.

Today’s Prayer:

“Show me how to live, and help me move with my energy and conscience.”