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MOTIVATION- The Air of Success

                                    Rishave Verma

Thy strength shall be according to the measure of thy desire.

                                                                        (Arab Proverb)

A young man went to Socrates and asked him what he would need to get success. Socrates took him to a lake and suddenly pushed his head under water for a long time. Finally, the man became desperate for air and forced his way to the surface gasping and shouting “Are you trying to kill me?” Socrates calmly replied “When you want success as much as you wanted air inside, then you will get it.”

While the world seems to be a place of haphazard results, each of us is getting exactly what we desire in a given moment. If we truly want success, we shall find it, and if we’re not ready we will not. If we seem stuck in any situation that is less than fulfilling we should ask ourselves, if we are getting the perceived benefits from staying where we are.

Many people complain about their problems and challenges. Yet staying there and fighting out a solution seems to outweigh the benefits of fleeing away. One thing is for sure, the moment fleeing away becomes more attractive, and staying will not have its way. In life, we are always free to choose our ways.

Today’s Prayer:

“Help me keep my determination to succeed.”