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MOTIVATION -Tigers or Strawberries

                     Rishave Verma

The past is a concealed cheque, the future is a promissory note, and the present is cash in hand.


A man being chased by wild tigers scurried down on a vine, hanging over the edge of a cliff. Looking down he saw two more hungry tigers waiting for him at the bottom of the vine. Unable to move backward or forward, he noticed a succulent, ripe and red strawberry, growing out of the side of the cliff near him. He smiled, plucked the fruit and enjoyed the sweetest strawberry he had ever tasted.

Brooding over the past or speculating about the future is nothing but a wastage. It keeps killing our time and spirit. Only if we could embrace the present moment with an open heart, will we be able to live our life in its full capacity. The advantage therein is that our present never threatens us like the past or future. There is a vibe of positivity when we live in the present. Contrarily, thinking about past or future brings in negativity. It forces us to let go of the present moment, thereby forcing us to escape our lives.

Anxiety springs from regret or resentment over past events or fear of anticipated pain. When we relax into the now moment, we are not vulnerable to the past or future. We discover that eternity is a golden necklace strung of an infinite no of present moments. We can live quite well on fresh strawberries.

Today’s Prayer:

“Help me to admire the beauty of now.”