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Insights Weekend Discussions – Week Twelve

Welcome to the Twelfth edition of Insights Weekend Discussions. You can access details of last Eleven discussions here.

And the topic is:

Should India take initiative and destroy its nuclear  stockpile ?

India has asserted that it would follow ‘no-first-use’ policy when it comes to use of nuclear weapons and it would solely use the nuclear weapons for deterrence. But, possession of nuclear stock-piles are always dangerous. Some countries like Germany, Japan (post-Fukushima disaster) have announced that they would shut down their nuclear reactors in the near-future.

With the discussion of ‘nuclear-free world’ and ‘world peace’ across the globe, should India take up the initiative to destroy its nuclear stock-piles? What are the possible repercussions with such an initiative? What other alternatives can India look for (apart from relying on Nuclear energy)?

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