Insights Daily Current Events, January 10, 2014

FROM INSIGHTS MAGAZINE TEAM ARCHIVES January 10, 2014 POLITY & GOVERNMENT BILLS Supreme court orders states to probe all acquittals Far reaching implications for law enforcement and the criminal justice system Every criminal case with accused being acquitted will have to be examined by state govts to ascertain whether there were any lapses by police …

Insights On India Mock Test – 1 Discussion Page

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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

  New paradigms in public administration do not look at the discipline from a fresh perspective but merely rehash the old concepts.” Critically evaluate (200 Words) “A public administration which fails to work for changes which tries to redress the deprivation of minorities will likely be eventually used to repress those minorities.” Frederickson. Evaluate with …

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Geomorphology (Isostasy) ‘Both the views appear similar but not the same.’ In light of the statement give detailed comparative analysis of the views of Airy and Pratt on isostasy. (200 words) With suitable diagrams explain concept of Holmes on isostasy. (200 words)   Tomorrow’s Chapter Geomorphology