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                                         Rishave Verma

         Only infinite patience begets immediate results.


Alex was an average entrepreneur. Every morning, immediately after waking up, he used to rush through his daily chores and hastily freshen up. Then he used to run towards the wardrobe to quickly dress up and pick his official stuffs. Thereafter hopped towards his car, and everyday forgot to take the keys. He would yell at his wife, who in turn yelled back at him and threw the keys from balcony. Since he was already late till this point, he used to drive like a sports driver on a racing track.   This was his every morning’s story. One fine day, he was driving his car like a mad man on the highway, when he got stuck behind a slowpoke. After much honking and continuous cursing, he finally got a clearing pass to overtake. While overtaking he realized the driver whom he was cursing was his psychotherapist. Alex was a patient of Impatience, and every morning before going to his office, he had to take psychotherapy sessions to control his impulsive and hasty nature.

The thought that our life is moving too slowly is a sign that we are moving too fast. Rushing never improves the quality of our life, or the results we seek. To the contrary, it muddies our vision and causes us to make errors that cost us twice as much time and energy to repair.  For Alex his disturbed relation with his wife, his rash driving, and his own persona were all an outcome of this ultimate Rush-thinking. And each of these outcomes was damaging the quality of his life like nothing else could.

The universe is proceeding with perfect timing. And if we don’t believe this fact, then it’s not an error of the universe, but of our own perception. We should work hard, but we need not necessarily work fast. Accomplishments do not worry or force themselves, rather they flow. We have to relax into what is happening, and the peace we enjoy, will be accompanied by clarity and efficiency in our work.

Today’s Prayer:

“Help me know that all the things are unfolding naturally.”