Insights Daily Current Events, January 08, 2014

FROM INSIGHTS MAGAZINE TEAM ARCHIVES January 08, 2013 NATIONAL & SOCIAL ISSUES Year End Review of Ministry of Women and Child Development  CHILD WELFARE: LEGISLATIVE AND PROGRAMMATIC MEASURES  A. Legislative Measures: 1.  Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012: Model Guidelines under the POSCO Act, 2012 were issued by the Ministry on 18th September, 2013 under Section …

VIDEO – State of the Economy- with Gita Gopinath

[youtube=] SUMMARY : The current video discusses the current global economy scenario and its effects on Indian Economy. The guest i.e. Ms Gita Gopinath is a professor of economics at Harvard, US. The discussion is more about the loopholes in Indian economy and talks about the causes and remedies of current economic dip in Indian …

ANTHROPOLOGY – Answer Writing Challenge

Write short notes (200 words) Social norms. Social values. Social stratification Tomorrow’s Topics 2.2 The Nature of Society: Concept of Society; Society and Culture; Social Institutions; Social groups; and Social stratification.

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Geomorphology What are nappes? Explain the theories related to origin of rift valleys. ‘Certainly the problem of mountain building is one in which the hypothesis of continental rift solves more difficulties than it creates’. Explain in the light of continental drift theory by Alfred Wegener. Tomorrow’s Chapter Geomorphology