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MOTIVATION- Mind is A Shark

                                    Rishave Verma

     If you are bad, relax; you can always try to be good.          (Anonymous)

Richard was a die-hard aquarium enthusiast. On his birthday, his father took him to an aquarium exhibition. Richard was very excited. Among several colorful aquariums, Richard noticed a big one which contained a shark. Looking at it, he asked his father “Dad, how big will this shark get?” His father answered “Well that depends on the size of your aquarium. You keep him in an aquarium, he will stay 7 inches. You give him an entire ocean; he’ll get big enough to eat you.”

Sharks like Goldfish, will grow in proportion to the size of their environment. So will our thoughts. We give our positive or negative, visionary or belittling, optimistic or pessimistic, humble or arrogant thoughts, some space and food and they can shape our lives. This is entirely our discretion, for which kind of thoughts we feed and allow them to grow in our minds.

Behold the power of potential and attention. We can make anything we want out of our lives. We have got the raw materials to do it all. But we must choose what we want to make of ourselves. To be a good Civil Servant, we got to be good human beings first. We can’t maintain a storehouse of pessimism or indiscipline in our minds, and still desire to be a success. Virtues of success are diametrically opposite to those of failures. And the beauty of life is we can always choose to nurture only one of a kind among them. Or else we’ll be subject either to eternal confusion, or downward pull of mass thinking. And as usual, I’ll say “Use your mind, before it uses you!!!”

Today’s Prayer:

“Give me wisdom and strength to nourish the good.”