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   Being Brave


                The darkest hour is just before the dawn.      


In course of preparations, we come across various challenges and hardships. The syllabus itself is so vast that giving it a cursory look fills us with a feeling of uncertainty. It demands hard work and strong commitment. Unaware of what future hold in its folded hands, many of us bear in our minds, a fear of unknown, inexplicable category.

The most powerful way to overcome fear is to look it in eyes and make friends with it. Instead of labeling fear as our enemy, we should recognize that it is presenting us a gift. Whenever we feel afraid, we approach the edge of our perceived “Safety zone”. But our Safety zone is just a tiny portion of the world available to us. Our ego intends on keeping us small, fixed and miserable. It always tells us ‘You must not step across this line’. What the ego does not tells is that on the other side of the line, awaits our destiny we always dreamt of.

A time of hardship or darkness is an initiation. We are being tested and strengthened to move ahead to a new level. The blackest night gives way to the brightest days. If we are going through such a time, we got to hang in there. Instead of cursing our situation, accept it as a harbinger of the dawn. We are not being punished; instead we are getting somewhere. The presence of fear means that we are pressing against the invisible boundary that smallness warns us not to pass. We should be grateful that we have come to this point and have not stayed bound in inadequacy. We should claim the presence of courage and our transition will be much easier. And translating the eternal dialogue of Gabbar Singh, I’ll say “The one afraid, is already dead”

Today’s Prayer:

“Help me to find the gift in my challenges, as all my experiences strengthen me as a person.”