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MOTIVATION – No Small Plans

                                            No Small Plans

Rishave Verma

 Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood.    

                                                                                                     (Daniel Burnham)

An educated teenager Tom left his village in search of a respectable job. At first he chose to be a security guard. He joined but was not satisfied with the job. So, he left it and searched for another one. Then he was offered a job of housekeeper. He joined but couldn’t find pleasure in his job and hence left it. Then he was offered a job of waiter in a hotel. He joined but couldn’t find it fulfilling, so he again left it. Finally he reached an automobile showroom where he was offered the job of a manager. After joining Tom felt like he was genetically designed for this job. He enjoyed bearing the responsibility of a manager. Though there was pressure for sales, but still he loved it.  Tom thought instead of applying for a security guard or housekeeper or a waiter, why didn’t he directly applied for the post of a manager? Why did he choose to make small plans while he deserved a bigger and better one?

As the old saying goes “Shoot for the stars and a place on the Moon is reserved for you”. We should always think big in terms of our goals and plans. The magnitude and quality of our life and thoughts is directly proportional to that of our thoughts. We need to search for possibilities which send current of enthusiasm through our body and spirit. Before living the life king size, we have to think in life king size!! Nothing in this world can stop us from making ourselves more deserving. And when it is in our hands, then why to deserve anything small?

As divine beings, we are here to do magnificent things, and smallness does not befit us. Anyone who has ever improved his/her life or changed the world has had to think big, think radically and be willing to venture into unknown worlds. The voice of transformation begins with a tiny hint whispered to our inner self. If we follow it, we will be on our way to the life we wish for. As for me, I’ll say “Never make small plans, when you can conceive the bigger and better ones”.


Today’s Prayer:

“Help me to think big and move beyond fear, into the brightness of magnificence.”