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                                           The MSD Way

Rishave Verma

   It’s a funny thing about life; if you accept anything but the best, you will get it.    

                                                                                                 (Somerset Maugham)

MSD is the most popular abbreviation among Indians, the Cricket Crazy nation, as the world calls us. Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Not a single word more to elaborate about whom and why we are talking today. Before wicket keeping, MSD was a dexterous Football player and an even better Goalkeeper. He played from the Ranchi district Football team. Once, a district level final football match was being played. Ranchi district team was pitched against the toughest Santali team of Jharkhand. MSD in that match saved 12 almost impossible goal shots from being converted. His team won not because they scored more goals, but rather because they evaded more goals. In the presentation ceremony MSD received the best goalkeeper award and the anchor asked ‘How did you do that?’ MSD replied “Our coaching sir says, Learn like a student, Perform like a Master. I did just that.” I believe even after so many years and achievements, he still follows these words.

Yesterday, a new interview thread was started on Insights. This article is especially for all those who are expecting a call this year. Remember, whatever we learn, if we can’t reproduce it in the exam or interview, it’s a waste. A waste of time, energy and resources. We need to learn new things but once we have learned enough, and the time comes to perform; only those survive, who perform like a master and don’t lose their confidence.

Interviews are nothing but a mirror, in which the examiner tries to catch a glimpse of your personality and temperament through your reflections. The first step to success in interview is Self Introspection. Start asking questions to yourselves. Please try to be honest. Do not fake anything. Examiners would try to measure the depth of your knowledge about the worldly affairs, subjects and yourselves. Don’t get tensed but just try to be yourself. Get a pen and paper and write a honest self introduction. Not too long, not too short, just a clear cut yet comprehensive definition of yourself. Now stand in front of a mirror and try to deliver your self- introduction as you will, in the interview. Practice it and it will enhance your confidence. Let your words be humble and your opinions honest. Above all behave as a Master of your personality and individuality.

There are many other technicalities, where Insights can guide you better. But I’ll definitely say “Learn like a Student, Perform like a Master.”

Today’s Prayer:

“Help me honor what you created me to be”.