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MOTIVATION – Fame or Game

         Fame or Game

Rishave Verma

         Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.     

                                                                    (Anthony Angelo)

Kenny Loggins is one of my favorite and beloved musicians of all times. Over 25 years, he has sold millions of albums. He has always been known as the most genuine, sincere and emotionally available person in the music fraternity. Kenny wrote one his most popular albums, Leap of Faith, while he was going through a painful divorce. The songs of this album, chronicle the emotions he wrestled with, as well as the vision of a new life. When someone asked about his success, he said “Come from your heart, tell the truth and sing for yourself. Do not sing with the goal of pleasing people or becoming rich and famous. If you are true to yourself, the world will acknowledge you. If you will seek fame and glory, you will set yourself up for struggle, frustration and pain”.

When we decide on becoming a Civil Servant, we need to come from out heart. Many a times, it is possible that our mind starts building castles in the air. Instead of dreaming about how famous we will be if we qualify, how we would react if we are called for an interview or even about becoming a local hero, we need to explore and follow our inner instincts. We can’t achieve a goal just for the sake of pleasing people or becoming rich and famous.

We need to deeply introspect ourselves and ask “Why do I want be in Civil Services?” There has to be a crystal clear answer to this question, somewhere hidden in our heart. We can never answer this question from our mind. Answers can’t be as vague as “I want to do Social Service.” There is a need for deeper introspection and explore our true calling and motive behind this decision. The day we find true answer of this question, can be counted as the first day of our achievement. And I’ll say “Instead of Fame, Play for the Game”.

Today’s Prayer:

“Help me remember that inner integrity is far more important than worldly glory.”