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Insights Weekend Discussions – Week Ten

Welcome to the Tenth edition of Insights Weekend Debates (henceforth Discussions – it is an apt term here). You can access details of last Nine discussions here.

And the topic is:

  In India the Continued Marital Rapes Defeat The Scope and Purpose of New Ant-Rape Bill

The government has said that criminalising marital rape would weaken traditional family values in India. And an headline in a prominent international newspaper read like this: ‘Men can still rape their wives in India after new Government bill’.

Do you agree that marital rape is a crime and should be punished by law? Or does Indian men have licence to rape their wives against their consent just because the ‘institution’ of marriage allows them to do?

To quote Indian Express, ‘a new study has revealed 26 per cent of women in Pune, 23 per cent in Bhubaneswar and 16 per cent in Jaipur often have sex with husbands against their desire.

What should government do in this regard?