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MOTIVATION – The New Jungle Book

     The New Jungle Book

Rishave Verma

                        Reins are tied on a horse’s neck, not on a lion’s………..     

                                                                                                    (Movie: Omkara)

Once there was a lion in the Jungle. Enormous in size, magnificent in appearance, brimming with confidence and as fearless in death as he was in life. Every day he treaded new territories, searching for prey and every day succeeded. He had a son, who was very much aware of his father’s courageous acts. But whenever his friends complemented him regarding his father, he never took pride in it, as he knew there were many other Lions in the Jungle who were as fearless as his father. One day he asked “Dad, how come you are so fearless?” The Lion replied “Son, I am fearless because I am the KING.” He asked again “And how come every other Lion is as fearless as you?” The Lion said “Because they THINK they are the kings.”

Many a times, while preparing, we will face challenges. Sometimes our weak will power, sometimes our indiscipline, sometimes our weak determination, sometimes procrastination, sometimes a tough topic or sometimes our bad answers. How many times have situations overwhelmed us? Things, that will get our hopes shattered and our courage diminished, will take place. It happens to all of us.

I wish to use this medium to assure you that we are still valuable. We’re blessed enough to be the King of our own kingdom. Every Lion believes he is the only King of the Jungle, and hence fearless. In our case, this is absolutely correct as no one else can rule us except ourselves. So be a Lion, behave as a King, rule yourself and take responsibility to strengthen your soul. Each Lion in that Jungle is a King of his territory and each human born is a King of his/her Kingdom called Life. If you’ll ask me, I’ll say “BE FEARLESS, RULE FEARLESS.”

Today’s Prayer:

“Support me to walk my talk, as my power comes from being what I am.”