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MOTIVATION – Do Not Compare

– Zenia Kaur

Motivational post dedicated to the beginners / fresher / newbies! The purpose of this post is to remind new aspirants to “not” to compare themselves with others but instead learn from them and begin to work upon themselves!

I don’t have a parable to share, but will share my own experience. Every day so many new aspirants discover this site & various initiatives running on it. I too found it in early December!  I was in awe of various writing initiatives, especially secure! After reading a few answers of others,  I tried to attempt on the first day, and could not even write a single coherent sentence (still can’t!). I was sad and demotivated seeing the level of other aspirants but after loads of thinking I rationalized with myself those people are probably into preparation for months and may be years and I have just started with reading newspaper only 3 months back, so my comparison with others is irrational. We all tend to compare ourselves (especially newbies) with others but remember IAS is your on journey, a journey of your own discoveries, of your strengths, weaknesses and of you evolving as a better personality! So enjoy this journey as the real happiness doesn’t lies in reaching the destination but in living and experiencing the journey. Remember this whenever you have doubts regarding yourself and your choices –

“When the conviction goes deeper than the intellect, you will brave all danger and risks and live the true life, and you will at once find that it is its own reward.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Continuing with the tradition of ending by a prayer – Today’s prayer is I will not compare my beginning to someone else’s middle, and shall work with full sincerity, focus and determination towards the achievement of my goals.