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MOTIVATION – Drown or Flow


Rishave Verma

    Drown or Flow

        The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything   

     (Elbert Hubbard)

Two men were walking beside a river on their way to a town downstream when a storm broke, and a flash flood washed both men into the river. One man panicked, tried to fight his way back to shore, and drowned. The other man realized that the torrent was beyond his control and relaxed to the best of his ability, letting the river to carry him. To his happy surprise, the river deposited him on the banks of the town he was headed towards, in a much shorter time than it would have taken him to walk.

When you come up against a situation you cannot control, trust that the universe is working on your behalf. Just try to be yourself, don’t lose heart and wait for the destiny to unfold itself. When you begin writing here on Insights, it’s not necessary that every answer you write will be perfect. But it requires some degree of patience before you can develop multi-dimensional opinions and write comprehensive answers. It’s true for anyone and everyone and it’s beyond your control. No matter what amount of effort is put, but you can’t improve in a single day. If you don’t absorb this fact, you are bound to get frustrated and drown in pessimism like that first guy.

Instead of that, you can keep working hard on your writing and organized thought processing every day, for some period of time, with a firm belief in your abilities. Keep acquiring ideas from new sources and put them down in your answers.  Let the sub conscious mind absorb everything you learn and slowly you will start to improve. Skills develop when you work on developing them for a significant period. Almost a year is left for UPSC Mains 2014. It’s more than enough time; you got in your hands. Let the destiny unfold itself and try to flow with it. As for me, I’ll say, Always Try To Grow With The Flow.

Today’s Prayer:

“Help me to remember that everything that happens to me is a part of the plan for the greater good.”