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Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events


15, December 2013

  1. Briefly explain the ideology of Maoists and their way of functioning. What are their grievances? What are the steps taken by Government towards it? (250 words)


  1. Enumerate the findings of the recently leaked draft of IPCC regarding the environment.

(100 words)


  1. Elaborate the Judicial Appointments Commission Bill, 2013. What are the road-blocks and oppositions being made, in its successful enactment? (200 words)


  1. What is NATGRID? Explain how its provisions will strengthen India’s security structure? (250 words)


  1. What is the bone of contention between the Sugar mills and Sugarcane farmers ?  What is the solution to the current standoff between both in many Indian states? (200 words)

  1. What is AFSPA? What are the implications of its imposition ? (200 words)

  1. Comment on the voting behaviour of people in India. Do you think new parties can topple the traditional strongholds of older parties ? (250 words)


  1. What are the major financial reforms and targets initiated by the government in the last decade?  (250 words)


  1. Explain the functioning of SHGs. What are the channels through which they receive their finance ? (200 words)


  1. “Water: a litre saved, is a litre earned !”. Comment on the rising concerns and possible solutions in regards to Water resources. (250 words)

 By – Vicky (On Sundays questions are sent by him. Thanks Vicky)