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New Initiative: Write Book Reviews For Insights

This one is for the candidates who wrote Mains this year (2013). There is a writer in everyone. Some people write and some do not. It is widely accepted that, to write one should have  vast experience with life or one should have read a lot.

UPSC aspirants read a lot, especially the serious ones with some interest in literature or non-fiction.  It is time they write a lot. Later they can pen down their experiences for our enlightenment.

This initiative has Five main objectives:

1. Recommend you good books to read that would help later in the interview

2. If you read them with an objective to write a review, you would read them better.

3. If you buy books from the links provided on this site, as you might know, we get commission (we don’t want to conceal this information and display our hypocrisy)

4. Bring out the hidden writer in you

5. Provide a platform where your writings would be read by thousands of people who actually read books and get inspired to read more.

As you know, this site is growing because of the collective work we have been doing together. Addition of a new section called ‘Book Reviews‘ would enrich the site and help people to choose books more judiciously.

How To Proceed?

1. Read the following articles about reviewing books

2. Purchase any book from the following Lists or if you already have good books (helpful to UPSC audience – not just for exams) read above articles and start reviewing them

3. You don’t have to write like Salman Rushdie or any of NYT book reviewer does, Just pen down your thoughts and send us your writing to:

  • insightsonindia at gmail dot com (with subject: Book Review)

Unleash the writer in you. Send as many as entries as possible. If you want to review entrance examination text books, that is also fine.

But whatever you write, be Objective and Honest.