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Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events


09, December 2013

1. “The recommended higher percentage of devolution of Central taxes to states, coupled with the higher grant to states recommended by the Finance Commission, would result in less resources for expenditure.” Comment on the statement in the light of states’ demand for tax share from the Union government. (200  Words)

The Hindu 

2. What global factors were conducive for India to intervene in 1971 Bangladesh war? Explain. (200 Words)

The Hindu 

3. Highlight the contribution of Indian diaspora to the politics and economy of Singapore during last few decades. (200 Words)

The Hindu 

4. Mt Gox (50 Words)

Indian Express


Note: Monday news was full of politics – AAP ka Win and Congress ka Defeat. And The Hindu now appears more like a Manifesto of BJP – it is living up to its name (personal opinion though).