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New Initiative – Rajya Sabha Debates On Insights

Recent UPSC Civil Service Mains exam has shown us that Debates that are telecast on Rajya Sabha TV are of immense help. Questions in General Studies require a holistic approach towards an issue and these programs help in cultivating this.

We at Insights would share these videos henceforth on the blog for the benefit of the readers.

Following are the important programs that are telecast:

  1. Law of the Land
  2. Policy Watch
  3. India’s World
  4. Desh Deshantar
  5. World Panorama
  6. The Big Picture

Sample Programs:

Law of the Land (This Question came in this year;s Mains)


Policy Watch


India’s World

Desh Deshantar (this year Mains GS-3 had a question on the topic of the debate)


World Panorama


The Big Picture


As and when we see an important program and if it’s available on Youtube, we will share it with you.