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Questions and Answers For UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 3

Few direct and many indirect questions have appeared in this year’s(2013) UPSC civil services Main exam from questions posted on Insights (Daily Answer Writing Challenge+Secure-2014)

So, we expect few questions to appear in GS-3 as well which is scheduled to be held on 5th December 2013.

Prasanna, our active reader and participant in Answer Writing Challenges has helped us compile a document containing questions and answers, all taken from Secure-2014, related to Paper-3. All questions are from The Hindu.

This will be immensely helpful for those who are writing Mains day after tomorrow. Just scan the document 2-3 times.


We are reposting another document on Science and Technology which is also part of Paper-3.


Please don’t forget to go through at least once the section on Science and Technology.

All the best.