General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 103

QUESTIONS: 12/11/2013 “A Human Rights violation is now conceived as a violation not only of those personally and directly aggrieved  but of everybody.”  Examine critically the above statement with reference to present scenario of our country and rest of the world. (250 Words) Examine the origin, dimensions and implications of Sino-Indian border dispute. (250 Words) …

Sociology – Daily Answer Writing Practice Day – 18

QUESTIONS: 12/11/2013  What is the focus of sociological analysis in the contributions of Emile Durkheim? Give your answer with the help of any one of his contributions. (300 Words)  Critically examine Max Weber’s theory of social action and its limitations. (300 Words)  Write short note : Functional problems of the social system (200 Words) ARCHIVES

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 24

QUESTIONS: 12/11/2013 “Cost-benefit analysis is a very unsatisfactory view of analysing public policy.” Comment.(2010/200 words)  There is a separate ministry Central ministry or Department on each subject allocated to State List. Does it mean supremacy of the Union Government or an emphasis on development administration? Analyse. (2007/300 words) ARCHIVES

Science and Technology – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 103

QUESTIONS: 12/11/2013 How far the Coastal Regulation Zone notification has addressed the problems of Indian fisherman? Why it is important for India to have CRZ? (150 Words) The Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011 has created uproar in the general masses. Substantiate the core objective of the rule citing problems of its implementation? (150 …