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General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 101

QUESTIONS: 09/11/2013 – Geography part

  1. “The successful location of iron and steel plants is largely a matter of transportation costs, not merely of raw materials but also of finished products.” Discuss with illustrate examples. (250 Words)
  2. With the help of selected examples, explain the relative importance of raw materials, and markets in the location and development of cotton textile industry. (200 Words)
  3. “Over two thirds of the crop land of the United States is devoted to feed crops and only slightly over one-fifth to food crops.” Discuss the implications of the above statement. Explain with reasons why the conditions are totally different in India. (250 Words)
  4. Why do rivers flood? State the areas of occurrence of floods in India. (150 Words)



REFERENCES – couldn’t find good online sources

Question 1

Question 2

  • Link – reference

Question 3