Sociology – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 13

QUESTIONS: 06/11/2013    Write short note: Limitations of questionnaire as a technique of data collection.(200 Words)    Utility of Reliability and Validity in Social Research. (200 Words)   What is the importance of sampling in sociological studies? Distinguish between simple random sampling and stratified random sampling. (300 Words)   Write short note: Importance and sources …

Science and Technology – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 14

QUESTIONS: 06/11/2013 What is WIFS program of Union health Ministry? What are its benefits? (150 Words) What is Robo-bee? Explain its applications. (150 Words) What is Biobank? What are the ethical concerns involved in establishing Biobanks? (150 Words) ARCHIVES REFERENCES Question 1 Link Question 2 Link Link 2 Question 3 Link Link 2