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Ethics Case Study – 29

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Every District Collector wants the local newspaper to run positive stories about his works in his district. Few, thankfully, hide behind a fake name to write only positive articles.

Aman, DM of a famous district, felt the major local paper, was not writing enough positive articles about him, so he decided to submit his own stories, under a fake name.

The paper encourages “citizen journalists” to submit stories to get a more local angle. “I thought about all the people just reading about crime in our city and nothing better,” said the DM.

Although he was not paid for his articles, he established a relationship with the paper, a television Web site, and a weekly paper – all by using email and phone conversations. Using his alias, he wrote more than a dozen articles. In some he quoted himself. He did not apologize for his actions.

However his alias was a real person. DM had used the real photo to convince the publishers. Now the real person is hurt and enraged. He accuses DM of lying to the public.

• Do you think DM should resign?

• Should the government take any action, such as a censure?

• Is this action serious enough to prompt a recall?

• Can the public trust an official who has misrepresented himself?

(Modified Case Study – Original Here)