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Sociology – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 12


  1. ‘When, in such a period of society as that in which we live, we compare our intellectual acquirements, our opinions, manners and institutions, with those which prevail among rude tribes, it cannot fail to occur to us as an interesting question, by what gradual steps the transition has been made from the first simple efforts of uncultivated nature, to a state of things so wonderfully artificial and complicated.’ In the light of the above statement, establish the importance of ‘speculations based on known principles of human nature’ in studying the society.(200 Words)

  1. Sorokin’s theory of change is a limited attempt to study change but a refreshing idea indeed. Do you agree?  (200 Words)

  1. Abstract philosophies of Marx are less valid in a plural society. Express your views. (200 Words)