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Science and Tech, Environment – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day – 9

QUESTIONS: 30/10/2013 (Topics S&T in India, Space)

  1. Discuss the salient features of New Science, Technology and Innovation policy, 2013? (250 Words)

  2. Describe the achievements of ISRO in the last few years. What are the challenges for India in Space research technology?(250 Words)

100 words

  1. What are designer babies? Describe the various issues associated with it?

  2. What are Bitcoins? Why government is critical of its working?

  3. What is Quantum cryptography? Why it was in news recently?


            Short Note Questions (50 Words)

  1. Ug 99

  2. Metro Dot

  3. P K Iyenger

  4. Nalgonda Technique

  5. K-15 sagarika



(Tauseef met with a small accident. Dislocated shoulder. Yet he has sent questions. That is the spirit. Indomitable)