Insights Secure-2014: Questions on Current Events Day-

DOWNLOAD PDF Questions From The Hindu 23/10/2013 1. What is the root cause of border dispute between India and China? Discuss the important measures taken by both countries so far to maintain peace at the border. (200 Words) Link 2. Cheyyur Ultra Mega Power Project and Udangudi thermal power project (50 Words) Link 3. Briefly explain the …

Insights Daily Current Events October 23, 2013

DOWNLOAD PDF NATIONAL Southern grid gets first flow from Kudankulam The first 1,000-MWe unit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KNPP) was synchronised with the southern regional grid. The first reactor generated 75MWe and gradually notched up 160 MWe. Subsequently, it was successfully transmitted to the southern grid. The power will be further raised to …

Geography – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 4

QUESTIONS: 23/10/2013  How do slums develop? Give concrete suggestion for their development. (300 Words) Discus the geographical control of rural settlement patterns in India. (300 Words) Bring out the trends in the development of fertilizer industry in India. (300 Words) ARCHIVES

S&T, Environment- Daily Answer Writing Challenge

QUESTIONS:23/10/2013 (Topics – Space; Biotechnology) “The dark energy and dark matter has proved to be elusive for physicist around the world”. Comment. (200 Words) Highlight the issues associated with the increased patenting in the biological domain especially in the light of recent controversies and verdicts? Do you think patenting biological forms is desirable? Substantiate.  (250 …

GS – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 86

QUESTIONS: 23/10/2013 (Topics – Freedom Struggle; Vulnerable sections; Parliament; Poverty and Hunger) Do you think Mahatma Gandhi’s support to Khilafat Movement had diluted his secular credentials? Give your argument based on the assessment of events. (200 Words) What are the implications of gender disparities in India? (200 Words) On what grounds can a member be …

Philosophy – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day-1

QUESTIONS: 23/10/2013 (Paper-I – Topic: Indian Philosophy :Charvaka) Charvaka’s Views on Nature of Soul. (2007/200 Words) Discuss the theory of knowledge, according to Charvaka philosophy. (2006/200 Words) Reference: Question 1 An Introduction to Indian Philosophy By S.Chatterjee &  D.Dutta Question 2 An Introduction to Indian Philosophy By S.Chatterjee &  D.Dutta

Political Science – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 3

QUESTIONS: 23/10/2013 (Paper-I: Topics – Political Theory; Theories of State) Discuss the Marxist Approach to the study of politics with particular reference to the development of Political Science  as a discipline in recent years. (300 Words) Discuss the feminist perspective on the State. (300 Words) ARCHIVES

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

QUESTIONS: 23/10/2013 [Paper I – Administrative thought] The ‘Neo’ approach in classical and behavioral theories have brought classist and behaviorist very close to each other. Critically comment. (200 words)  Weber’s theories were essentially an attempt to ensure social acceptance of  bureaucracy. Do you agree? Discuss. (200 words) By-Aditya Jha ARCHIVES

Management Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day-1

QUESTIONS: 23/10/2013 (Chapter –1.7.   Management of Innovation) Write an Analytical note on ‘Innovation management in Organisations. (150 words) Do you think whether management, as it is currently practiced, contributes much to creativity and innovation. What changes will allow managers, particularly in larger organizations, to add value to the creative process? (150 words) By – Ashish Bhakuni REFERENCES …