Insights Daily Current Events – October 21, 2013

DOWNLOAD PDF NATIONAL  Punjabi University starts ‘gatka’ course A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Punjab University and World Gatka Federation (WGF) recently to start a one-year diploma course in ‘gatka’ to promote the traditional Sikh martial art. The students would be imparted education in various ‘gatka’ forms, fighting techniques, scientific and …

Insights Secure – 2014: Questions On Current Events Day – 20

DOWNLOAD PDF Questions From The Hindu 21/10/2013 1. Why did India enact a nuclear liability law? What are the concerns of nuclear suppliers regarding this law? Do you think this law adversely affects India’s energy security? Analyze (250 Words) Link-1 Link-2 2. Bnei Menashe tribe (50 Words) Link 3.  Write a critical note on the origin of cross border terrorism in …

Economics – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 1

QUESTIONS: 21/10/2013 (Paper – II) Compare and contrast the ‘Swadeshi’ of 1905 and the ‘Swadeshi’ promoted later by Mahatma Gandhi. (200 Words) What were the shortages faced by the manufacturing sector at the dawn of Independence? (100 Words) Critically assess the Tendulkar committee’s approach to measuring poverty in India. (150 Words)  

History – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day –

QUESTIONS: 21/10/2013 (Paper-II, Topics: American Revolution and the Constitution;  The World after World War II) How far is it correct to say that every feature of American constitution was ultimately of English origin? (200 Words) “Europe faced peace in 1945 politically disorganized and economically crippled.” Elaborate (300 Words) ARCHIVES

S&T, Environment – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day -1

QUESTIONS: 21/10/2103 (Topics – Biotechnology; Environment) The government’s nod for shale gas extraction is in violation of India’s effort to abide by the international and national environmental laws? Critically analyse. (250 Words) “ Promoter cannot be regulator”. Discuss on the validity of the statement based on the Pesticides Management and Regulations in India? Suggest improvements …

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day-5 –

QUESTIONS: 21/10/2013 (Paper-I)  “Taylor’s Contribution was not a set of general principles for organizing work efficiency, but a set of operating procedures that could be employed in each concrete situation to secure their application.” Comment((2009/ 200 Words)  “The Barnard-Simon Theory of Organisation is essentially a theory of motivation.” Comment (2009/200 Words) ARCHIVES  

GS- Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 84

QUESTIONS: 21/10/2013 (Topics: Functions of States;Effect of Globalization on Indian Society; Indian Constitution – evolution; Previous Year Questions) Examine the demand for greater state autonomy and its impact on the smooth functioning of Indian polity. (250 Words) “Globalization has brought about a distinct class divide in India instead of ushering in a classless society.” Critically examine this argument. (250 …