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Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 69

QUESTIONS: DAY 69 (GENERAL STUDIES PAPER IV, Topicsissues relating to intellectual property rights; environmental pollution and degradation – current events als0)

  1. To date, India has issued compulsory licenses or revoked patents for eight advanced pharmaceuticals. Do you think these measures will affect investors and undermine research into the innovative cures of tomorrow? Critically comment. (250 Words)
  2. IPCC’s summary document of Fifth Assessment Report for policymakers, which was released recently, did not evoke public, media and political interest as much as it had evoked in 2008. In fact, Apathy, lack of interest and even outright denial are more widespread than they were in 2008. Why in your opinion, the rational arguments of science and economics are failing to win the public and policymakers’ attention? (250 Words)




Question 1

Question 2