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Ethics Case Study – 5: Ethical Dilemma

Case Study – 5: Ethical Dilemma

Girija, a smart and extremely talented young IAS officer,  is posted  as SDM of a Sub-Division in a Southern State, under whose jurisdiction the constituency belonging to a young MP  falls. He  is projected to become PM as he is the heir apparent in his  party. Most opinion poll surveys have predicted that his party would come to power at the centre on its own strength in the impending general elections. He is also a bachelor.

Girija, is now married to a handsome and equally talented IPS officer, who is now posted as ASP in a district far away from where she works. Their marriage has been smooth so far.

The young MP, in his first official meeting with the officials of his constituency notices Girija and is impressed by her personality and work. After the meeting, he sends her an official communication to meet him and discuss about a project that is being implemented in his constituency. The meeting is held at his residence.

During his meeting, he offers her a position in PMO if he comes to power. Getting into PMO is the dream of many bureaucrats, but Girija declines the offer citing her marriage and want of grassroots experience. However the meeting ends cordially and the young MP is more impressed about her. He gives her his personal number and asks her to be in touch with him. After few days of chat, he starts signaling his affection for her. Girija, though she loves her husband, keeps her frequent chats with the MP a secret. The problem is she too is stung by the charm of the young MP. But she is aware of the consequences of any false step from her side and maintains a safe distance from him.

Meanwhile the elections get over and the young MP is now the PM of the country. He sends her an unofficial communique to join PMO mentioning that if her response is affirmative, the official order would be sent soon . This job, especially for an young officer is a ladder to excellent career prospects in future and it is hard to come by even with lot of lobbying. She discusses the offer with her husband, but she refrains from discussing about the chats she frequently had with the MP. Her husband asks her to take her own decision keeping in mind family and professional consequences.

She is apprehensive about the intentions of the PM and if she joins, she may have to compromise her personal life. Her husband can not move with her. Earlier she had refused the offer and now the job seems to be enticing one considering the career prospects.

What should Girija do knowing the risks and benefits of the new offer? (200 Words)