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Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 42

QUESTIONS – DAY – 42 (General Studies Paper – II)

  1. “Communalism does not reflect any social truth: what it declares to be the social reality is not the social reality; what it declares to be the causes of social discontent are not the causes; and what it declares to be the solutions of the social malady are not the solutions – in fact it is itself a social malady.” Critically examine the characteristics of communalism in the Indian context in the light of the given statement. (250 Words)
  2. “…Can you show me an example in history where the state has tolerated violent defiance of authority for a single day? But here you know that the Government is puzzled and perplexed.” Comment on the statement (250 Words)
  3. Write a critical note on “National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project” (NCRMP) (150 Words)