How To Get Over UPSC Prelims Failure?

And come August, the results are out! After a year’s preparation and going out to write the exams, this is where it boils down to – the first round of results. Although I wish each one would clear, it always is a law of numbers and there would be a few unfortunate ones who don’t make it. The question is how to get over this?! The so called “FALIURE” always seems to loom large.

Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day – 14

QUESTIONS ASKED- DAY 14 (02/08/2013) 1) “It is a fact that most of the corrupt come from the O.B.C.s and the scheduled caste and now increasingly the scheduled tribes. And as long as this is the case, the Indian republic will survive.” Critically analyze the statement. (300 words) 2)“The basic structure doctrine is an embargo …