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Power Dynamics – Demand, Supply, Consumption and Losses of Power In India, A Case Study

Guest Article: Paulraj V.

Power consumption keeps on increasing year after the year as the economy grows and population increases. In olden days we used to have around  5 to 6 power points(like lights/ fans / Heaters etc) in the houses of middle class. But today there 25 power points in a house of middle class section. This includes power supplies for computers, TV’s,A/C’s, Fridges,lights, fans, Induction cookers etc.). If an awareness camapign is done for the mis-use / wastage of electricity, we can save a lot of power.

This kind of campaign can be done through the TV advertisements also. Also, recently people have started using Induction cookers in most of the hoses(as reported in Kerala).This also increases the over all power consumption of state. In summer time, the usage of A/C also has increased among the middle class section.

Power demand also goes high due to new industries being set up. It was also reported that the excess power produced in northern states could not be transmitted to southern states due to lack of infrastructures.(like availability of power grids).
There is also a more power transmission loss compared to other developed countries. In this kind of situation there was a big agitation during last couple of years against nuclear power plants being set up in Tamil Nadu.
Also, to set up new power plants, funds are required. When our Govt. can not meet this requirement, the Govt. has to bring in private companies and encourage them.
Even if you have money, you can construct these power plants overnight. We need a concrete plan. That plan is existing I believe in Paper as of now.
But this plan has to be converted into action as per the demand requirement. You need a vision for 5 years / 10 years ….and for 25 years, if we really bother about our future generations.

Scenario In Tamil Nadu

  During the last two to three years Tamil Nadu was facing a severe shortage of power. It has affected the normal life of the people and moreover the economy. Tamil Nadu has an installed capacity of around 7000 MW from wind mills alone(Renewable energy).

When there is wind it can generate upto about 40% capacity. There are winds for about 4 to 5 months in a year. So, whenever there is wind there is no power cut but otherwise there is a shortage.To bridge the gaps at times, the state has to go for buying power private parties at a price of around 12- 15 Rs per unit.

On the other hand they get the power from the wind mill at a cheaper price like:2 Rs per unit. This amount was also not paid to the companies who installed and maintained their wind mills.
Just read the full status report on the power production / demand in Tamilnadu.

Also, it is heartening read that Kudankulam Nuclear power plant is already on startup and it is expected to generate some good amount of electricity.(Reactor no.1- 1000 MW capacity). It is expected that the second reactor will become operational within another 8 months. Hope that this will solve the electricity problem to some extent.

Also there is a plan to install another 2 more reactors of identical capacities in the next few years. This will definitely be helpful for Tamilnadu as well as for the neighboring states.
The central govt. has got lot of plans to install power plants in various parts of the country. Also lot of private players are setting up power plants in many parts of our country. But, the progress being slow, the country suffers heavily on this count.

GUEST POST By: V Paulraj.